Parents’ Weekend

It should be no surprise for those of you who were here for parents’ weekend when we say it was SO much fun! We had a surplus of families come to campus to help us cheer on our football team against Colgate at Polar Park (home of the Woo Sox!) – and we PACKED the stadium. This was the first time Holy Cross has ever done this, and it was a great way to immerse our campus into the city of Worcester. Both of our families came to see us all the way from Vermont and Minnesota. Now that we are sophomores and finally know our way around campus, it was really nice to be able to show our families around campus and all of our favorite spots now that many of our COVID restrictions have been lifted. 

The weekend started with everyone greeting their families and going out to dinner with them on Friday to catch up and spend some quality time together. On Saturday, our mornings started with a morning breakfast at Ms. Woo’s, and then we went straight to tailgating (the most important part of football). Holy Cross had reserved parking lots right outside of Polar Park for tailgating! We started around one and ended at five as the entire school and their families shuffled into the stadium. Between quarters there were games on the field and dance-offs. It was an exciting weekend, and it went so well!

Grace + Her Mom
Gracie + Her Family


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