Catching Up

Recently, there has been a lot going on! 

As first semester sophomores, there has been a lot of “future planning” that we have had to start. Though it is early, a big part of sophomore fall is applying for senior housing. Mount Saint James is 85% on-campus housing and 15% off-campus residence housing – many of these houses are located on streets such as Clay, Caro, and Boyden. We have just recently signed our house with seven other girls and are so excited to see what the future has in store for us! The process is straightforward and a great real-world experience because you have to communicate with the landlord, review contracts, and agree on rent. These are skills that are hard to teach in a classroom but are thankfully a part of the Holy Cross hidden curriculum since off-campus housing is prevalent here.

Another big decision we have had to make was to study abroad. Both of us have had to decide on where, when, and why to go. Grace, an International Studies major, had always been interested in going somewhere in Europe and immersing herself directly in her area of study, which is Europe. Gracie, a Psychology major, was interested in Europe, specifically somewhere in the United Kingdom or Ireland, to accommodate her Art History minor by being in a very artistically and culturally rich city. As it turns out, with many meetings with the Study Abroad department and our advisors, we both found that the University College of Dublin in Ireland is the best fit for us! We are both applying for the 2023 spring semester. We are so excited as we know a few other people are going and we will be able to experience the College and a new culture

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