Becoming Campus Locals

After a few weeks on the Hill, we can say we LOVE it here! The past few weeks have been so much fun with classes, exploring campus, and of course, meeting new people. Though it seems confusing, the campus has been so much fun to figure out – especially since there are now in-person classes taking place (Grace has one!). Last week, it was 66 degrees outside, and the campus finally felt like college: people were out playing football on the Hoval and set up hammocks all around the Hill, and we are so excited for more days like that to come, especially now that we can watch sports games! Holy Cross has made a new social media platform called myHC, which lets us know about events and games taking place, and this week, we signed up for the football game and new food trucks on campus! We are so excited to start participating in more things like this. Additionally, the new fitness center called “The Jo,” which is also where we get tested, is now open for use! The building and equipment could not be nicer, and we are so excited about it. With everything now open, we have finally been able to get a routine down and are starting to feel like Holy Cross locals!


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