New on the Hill

Happy New Year!

We wanted to update you on our first official week of college! After a long time coming, we are finally moved into our dorms and started spring semester classes. Although we are no longer roommates, we conveniently both live in Brooks Hall! We have found these past few days to feel overwhelming, to say the least, and very exciting as we are getting to meet new people and become familiar with the campus.



First-year students had a week alone on campus to have the time to learn the ropes and familiarize themselves without the chaos of having all of the other grade levels there at the same time – we both liked this a lot. We found it to make the transition of going to college much smoother. Once we were on campus, each student was put into an orientation group of 6-8 people to get to know and further understand what it means to be a Holy Cross student. Although orientation was not the same as it usually would have been because of COVID-19, Holy Cross still made it enjoyable and helpful while also keeping its students safe.

Recently, we just started our classes for the spring semester. We are both taking classes that fulfill common requirements and balanced out our schedules with classes of our interests at the same time. Although Holy Cross encourages students to arrive undecided, we are prepared to declare our majors next week – students can declare their majors as early as the second semester freshman year. We both started college with majors in mind, and after taking some classes to explore these interests, we are confident that we know what we would like to study for the remainder of our time here at Holy Cross.

We are very exciting to finally be on campus and we will update more as the semester progresses!

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