Wrapping Up: First Semester

We recently wrapped up our first semester at Holy Cross! With the end of our first semester, we have learned more about ourselves as students, what kind of learning styles work best for us, what areas of study we are more interested in, and how to be a productive and dedicated student even at home.

Although ending with finals is stressful for all, the school accommodated and created the best environment possible for these at-home exams. Most of our finals this semester for our specific courses consisted of essays more than exams. We found this to be very generous, considering the circumstances, and made it as reasonable as possible. The essays also allowed us to go into more detail and demonstrate what we have learned this semester rather than struggling to memorize information for exams. Both of us are more writing inclined and found this to work very well for us since we have found that we learn best by putting our thoughts into words.

Furthermore, one thing we have learned from these few months is to utilize our professors’ office hours as often as we can. Throughout the semester, our teachers have been beyond helpful with making time outside of class for their students. Especially during this past week with finals, teachers had been holding review sessions over Zoom. They were also adding additional times to their office hours to ensure their students received all of the help and assistance they needed (which we greatly appreciated!).

We cannot wait to see what the second semester has in store for us!
Happy Holidays!!

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