Wrapping Up: First Semester

We recently wrapped up our first semester at Holy Cross! With the end of our first semester, we have learned more about ourselves as students, what kind of learning styles work best for us, what areas of study we are more interested in, and how to be a productive and dedicated student even at home.

Although ending with finals is stressful for all, the school accommodated and created the best environment possible for these at-home exams. Most of our finals this semester for our specific courses consisted of essays more than exams. We found this to be very generous, considering the circumstances, and made it as reasonable as possible. The essays also allowed us to go into more detail and demonstrate what we have learned this semester rather than struggling to memorize information for exams. Both of us are more writing inclined and found this to work very well for us since we have found that we learn best by putting our thoughts into words.

Furthermore, one thing we have learned from these few months is to utilize our professors’ office hours as often as we can. Throughout the semester, our teachers have been beyond helpful with making time outside of class for their students. Especially during this past week with finals, teachers had been holding review sessions over Zoom. They were also adding additional times to their office hours to ensure their students received all of the help and assistance they needed (which we greatly appreciated!).

We cannot wait to see what the second semester has in store for us!
Happy Holidays!!

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! We thought we would share a little bit about how accomodating Holy Cross has been during the first part of this semester (especially this week), keeping up the school spirit, academics, and holiday fun! Though the semester is online, we still have our RA’s, and they have been so outgoing with their job by hosting virtual game nights and so many other fun activities. Holy Cross has also given us the week off to get time to work on our studies and have fun with our families during these trying times. Our teachers have been so gracious during this break by not assigning work but giving us time to really put in the effort on some “end of semester” assignments such as presentations and research papers. Although this time of the year can be stressful sometimes, we are both beyond grateful for the support we have received during this holiday, especially as freshman approaching our first college finals!

Welcome Crusaders!

Our names are Gracie Dolan (Stowe, Vermont) and Grace Driscoll (Minneapolis, Minnesota), and we are freshman at the College of the Holy Cross, Class of 2024. We are so excited to have you follow our blog about our first-year experiences on and off the hill during these unique times. As part of our first official blog post, we would like to briefly introduce our friendship and how we are currently adapting to current situations.

We both grew up in Stowe, Vermont, but unfortunately, Grace moved away in middle school. During those years apart, we were lucky enough to be able to maintain our close friendship. To our surprise, we both fell in love with and decided to apply Early Decision to Holy Cross. 

Initially, we did not plan on rooming together, with hopes of making new friends. However, after it was announced that this semester would be remote, our families decided to move us to Boston together for two and a half months. By doing this, we could obtain the independent feeling of being at college and being away from home while also gaining a new experience.

We are both really excited to be a part of the Holy Cross community as we start to join new clubs and explore our interests. Both of us have joined different clubs like SPUD and the Purple Key Society as well as looked into other organizations like Ski Team and ROTC. Though Holy Cross encourages all freshmen to apply undecided, we both have prospective areas of study we hope to pursue. Gracie Dolan is interested in a Psychology major and an Education minor with hopes to take part in the Teacher-Education program. Grace Driscoll is interested in studying International Studies on the Pre-Business track. 

We hope you follow us along on our exciting journey! Please reach out with any questions or comments, we would be happy to help any prospective student make their decision to join us on the hill!